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About Cleus

Cleus is a consulting services organization that is helping corporates to expand and leverage their business. At Cleus we're delivering our best efforts to satisfy your demand in an extensive field of activities, from human resources in the software industry to business development in the USA and the EU.

Our core value is Premium Software Development: if you have software development needs we can provide high-quality web, mobile, chat-bots and full-stack software developments, with excellent delays. We rely on experiemented developers and we can manage the full process: from your idea to the application published on application stores.

As we're relying on more than 15 years of experience in the software and internet industry and a huge network of highly qualified professionnals, we probably have a solution to your problem.

And more: our expertize will help you gain time and money.

Looking for the eelo project? It's here.

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Cleus is proud to answer your requests fast, in the next business hour. Maybe in some minutes.